Move to Portugal? Why not?

One woman’s journey to retire in Portugal
Rosalie Rayburn moved to Portugal from New Mexico in 2019.
  • Tired of the rat race and wishing you could retire?
  • Love traveling to Europe and hanging out in sidewalk cafes?
  • Enjoy strolling along narrow cobbled streets in age-old cities and towns ?
  • Wish you could afford to spend more time soaking up that culture?
  • Wonder where you could afford to live that dream?


My answer to you is: Portugal which is now ranked as one of the one of the best places to retire.  What makes this small country on the western edge of Europe so attractive? 

Let’s start with low cost of living, mild sunny climate, affordable property prices and great scenery. 

Add to that, Portugal has a good healthcare system, modern roads and amenities and great cities. In 2019, World Travel Awards recognized Portugal as Europe’s leading destination. Portugal’s two largest cities, Lisbon and Porto,  have both won top awards as the best places in Europe for city breaks.

And, Portugal offers incentives for retirees through its Golden Visa program.

Get started on the journey to your dream home

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